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You are a regular guy who likes food (don't we all?). This guy just attracts bugs, or maybe the food he has scattered all over does. Anyway, these bugs are just nasty, and if they can manage it, they will steal your food and run off with it. The nerve of those bugs! Luckily there exists scattered about the playing field, picnic baskets. Grab all the food and put it in the picnic baskets before the bugs take it (and to increase your points multiplier). If you can get all the food in the baskets, or kill all the bugs you win the level. You can also win if less than 75% of the food is taken, but you really shouldn't let those nasty bugs get ANY food.


  • Joystick/arrow keys: Move
  • Joystick button1 or 'z' on keyboard: Activates your bug sprayer / drops food in hand
  • Joystick button 2 or 'x' on keyboard: Vacuum up food you can't reach
  • Joystick button 3 or escape on keyboard: Access the in-game menu


  • Spiders are smart and can steal food that is NOT in a food box.
  • Roaches are immune to your sprayer. To kill them you must step on them
  • Roaches, Stingers, and Greetles can steal food from food boxes
  • When carrying food, you cannot use your spraye
  • The sting from a Stinger causes you to drop any food you're carrying. It also disables your sprayer for a short time.

Future Plans:

  • Possible local multiplayer
  • User-made levels
  • More bug types
  • Larger levels
  • Music and more sounds

Version Info:


  • Internal Framework Fixes


  • New food graphics!
  • Changed thr fruit composition of all the levels to show off all the new food!
  • Removed the mouse cursor. It was confusing.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was still able to spray after being stung by a stinger.


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Buggers_Linux_V1.04.zip 26 MB
Buggers_V1.04.apk 21 MB
Buggers_OSXUniversal_V1.04.zip 26 MB

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