As an agent in training, your senses will be tested ... or should I say lack of senses. You'll be going into this training regimine blind. Literally blind. You'll have nothing to help you except your ears (HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED). Try to complete all the given scenarios and hone your listening skills. Good luck!


  1. Make a mental picture of the map with your ears.
  2.  When you run into the fence that means you can't go that way any further

Note: If the game appears to be stuck, try pressing 'ESC'


Arrow Keys: Move

E :  Use

M:  Skip Mission Briefings (not a good idea the 1st time through)

Esc: In-Game Options

Version History

V0.2 - Fixed a bug that cause the win scene to not work correctly


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like most games where you can't see it would be nice if they first gave you a few examples of what the levels look like like the shape and size before setting you off

This is beautiful! It's the first time in my about 25 years of gaming that I've ever closed my eyes and still been able to play a game properly. Unique experience!