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Where do rendered videos save to by default? 


When you start it up for the very first time, it should start in the %USERPROFILE% directory. On later runs, it keeps track of the last directory you saved videos in AND the last directory you loaded from and uses those as the starting directories.

Apprently, it only works if ffmpeg is installed to the same directory you have. Which is C:\utils. THank

Currently, VideoDude looks for ffmpeg.exe by trying all the paths listed in the System  PATH variable. It searches them in order, so it will take the first path that contains an ffmpeg.exe. Later versions will search the User PATH variable first and then the System PATH last.

For some reason I cannot do any of the controls or click on anything


where do I have to put ffmpeg?

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You should put it in a directory that is in your system PATH. I put all my utility programs in c:\utils and have added that directory to my PATH. My copy of ffmpeg.exe lives there.