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Video Dude takes a single MPEG4 clip, chops it up into random chunks, and renders it out into a new video using ffmpeg (downloaded separately). It can also randomly seek and play a video forever. There are many controls to customize exactly what Video Dude does, and each clip can be tweaked as well.

If you like Video Dude and find it amusing or even useful, please consider supporting its development.


  • Video Dude is especially good at cutting up "talking head" videos.
  • It can also be used in "DJ Mode" wherein up to 20 clips can be manipulated  with keyboard control

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • [ = Trim start time for a clip (while clip panel is pulled out)
  • ] = Trim end time for a clip (works while generating or when editing clips)
  • Spacebar = Stops clip generation
  • Escape = Display exit confirmation dialog
  • Left/Right arrow = seek through the currently loaded video
  • Backspace = Display clip clear confirmation dialog
  • Ctrl + O = Display open video file dialog
  • Tab + NumKeys = DJ Mode playing of clips 0=9 (while clip panel is open)
  • Ctrl + Tab + NumKey = DJ Mode playing of clips 10-19
  • NumKeys = Play/Stop specified clips 0-9 (assuming there are existing clips)
  • Ctrl + NumKeys = Play/Stop specified clips 10-19 (assuming there are existing clips)
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorPixelbyte Studios
Tagsffmpeg, mpeg4, tool, utility, video, video-editing, weird
Average sessionA few minutes


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Not sure why, but when I click to render the video/combine my clips and then hit yes, nothing happens at all. Thought it may have been an FFMPEG issue but typing ffmpeg into command prompt seems to work fine so it's definitely in my path

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VideoDude checks to see if FFMPEG is in the path and will complain if it is not. If you aren't seeing any such messages when you start it up, there must be something else going on. I'll dig around and see what I can find. I think at the very least this warrants getting a log file setup in the program so one can see what is going on in cases like this. 

Where do rendered videos save to by default? 


When you start it up for the very first time, it should start in the %USERPROFILE% directory. On later runs, it keeps track of the last directory you saved videos in AND the last directory you loaded from and uses those as the starting directories.

Apprently, it only works if ffmpeg is installed to the same directory you have. Which is C:\utils. THank

Currently, VideoDude looks for ffmpeg.exe by trying all the paths listed in the System  PATH variable. It searches them in order, so it will take the first path that contains an ffmpeg.exe. Later versions will search the User PATH variable first and then the System PATH last.

For some reason I cannot do any of the controls or click on anything


where do I have to put ffmpeg?

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You should put it in a directory that is in your system PATH. I put all my utility programs in c:\utils and have added that directory to my PATH. My copy of ffmpeg.exe lives there.